Private Sail to Dry Tortugas

An adventure to the Dry Tortugas has never been more fun!  Our Private Sail to Dry Tortugas trip offers up a chance for you to spend 3 or 4 nights under the stars for a trip unlike any other.  For those with time restraints, we make a 4 day trip with a longer sailing time home on day 4.  The 5 day trip allows for more exploration time on other islands during the sail back towards Key West and breaks up the long distances that are covered during your trip.  Of course this package also includes chef prepared gourmet meals, bottled waters, coffee, tea, and assorted soft drinks.  You may also bring aboard adult beverages of your choice.  

Day 1 - We depart Key West no later than 9am.  Our target destination for this day is to reach the Marquesas Keys where we will stay overnight during the first day.  This area is widespread with abundant reefs and mangroves to explore.  There will be plenty of time for fishing, snorkeling, and enjoying beaches before dinner, watching the stars come out, and then spending night one under the stars there.

Day 2 - Will be an early morning departure heading for our Dry Tortugas destination on Garden Key.  With ideal conditions, this 50 mile sail takes approx. 5 hours to complete.  The goal on this day is to be able to get on island in time to complete the guided tour of Ft. Jefferson provided by the park ranger in the early afternoon.  By later in the afternoon the ferry traffic and seaplane visitors will have gone, leaving the island occupied by only a few campers, the park ranger, and possibly a few other anchored boaters.  There will be some time for fishing and snorkeling during the afternoon also.

Day 3 - As we awaken from another starry night slumber, day 3 is a casual day at Garden Key as well as a visit over to Loggerhead Key which is special since there are particular permits needed to visit that island.  Ferry and Seaplane guests are limited to just Garden Key and the fort.  Get more tan, fish in the turquoise waters, snorkel the surrounding reef systems, or just relax and enjoy being stuck on a deserted island oasis for the day!  

Day 4 - This day will vary according to if you’re enjoying the full 5 day trip, so if you’re set up for 4 days this is the day we’ll be making the long sail back to Key West.  With proper conditions this sailing time is about 12 hours.  For those that are staying until day 5 this day will be spent on stops at other scenic islands such as Boca Grande or Woman Key within the Key West National Wildlife Refuge for one last day of fun, fishing, snorkeling, beach combing, and of course your final fantastic night under the stars.

Day 5 - We depart in the morning, heading back to Key West.  ETA back into Key West is 3:00PM.  On this sailing segment, we’ll have a sightseeing tour around the harbor before docking.  

This is an amazing opportunity to do what few get a chance to do in their lifetimes!  Come and spend almost a week on our 45’ Beneteau Sloop sailing vessel and enjoy paradise for days, literally!

Private Sail to Dry Tortugas Highlights

  • This is the ultimate adventure to Dry Tortugas National Park
  • Explore a variety of eco systems during the trip
  • Enjoy chef prepared meals daily
  • Spend 3 or 4 stunning nights under the stars
  • Snorkel the least visited and best preserved reefs around
  • Visit islands within Dry Tortugas that require special permits to reach (such as Loggerhead Key) and more islands along the way
  • Bird watchers are more than welcome